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What We Do

Ascendium helps borrowers repay their student loans, provides student and employee success solutions, funds initiatives promoting large-scale change and invests in innovations fostering learner success. All with one goal in mind — elevating opportunity.

What We Do

Student Loan Guaranty Services

As a student loan guarantor, we administer the Federal Family Education Loan Program for the federal government, helping millions of people successfully repay their student loans.

Student Success and Financial Wellness Solutions

Our decades of experience in the student loan industry inspired our Attigo suite of solutions. The solutions help colleges, employers and financial institutions promote student success, retain top talent and support financial wellness.

National Education Philanthropy

We’re proud to be one of the nation’s largest postsecondary education and workforce training philanthropies. We award grants that spur systemic improvements and address barriers standing in the way of learners from low-income backgrounds.

Education Impact Investments

Going beyond traditional grantmaking, we invest in companies that create and develop innovations that generate changes to postsecondary education and workforce training systems.